“I have been pleasantly surprised. They are practical, professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone in the industry.”

Daiga Ergle
SVP Human Resources,

How we do it

Tailor-made flexible solutions

We listen to our clients. We start with your understanding of a situation and explore whether we should work towards best in class practice or something different that is uniquely right for you.

While some challenges are universal between airlines that have to weather fuel price rises and the cyclical challenge of boom and bust markets, the reality of political, cultural and economic constraints will often require bespoke thinking.

We don’t therefore have a predetermined approach or off-the-shelf solution.

We develop our solutions with you, by validating a point of view, working alongside your team or providing bandwidth where you have none.

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Our Team

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Sudeep specialises in airline start-up, corporate strategy and commercial performance improvement. He focuses on start up planning and meeting revenue … More

We can help fine tune airline route networks to make them more efficient and so more profitable.