“Sudeep is a visionary when it comes to creating and communicating a brand that is both appropriate for its target market but also challenging in terms of moving the concept of brand and market approach forward”

Michael Coltman
Chief Operating Officer,
Sama, Saudi Arabia (now Director, Tiger Airways Indonesia)

What we do

Running a Better Business

We draw on know-how gained over decades of line experience in world class airlines to help our clients run a better business. Whether we are developing a network plan, helping you start an airline, updating yield management processes or working on a product revamp, it is the unrivalled depth of airline know-how which makes us effective, practical, trusted advisers.

Our work usually focuses on three areas:

  1. Airline start up – where an investor, airline or government requires a feasibility study, business plan or full turnkey start up team to carry the airline from idea to launch and beyond
  2. Strategy Development – where a client need to review its direction and faces a rethink on corporate or business unit issues
  3. Running a Better Functional Business – a catch all for the in-depth commercial focus and knowledge we bring to driving revenue in key functional areas of the business, everything from choosing an alliance or joint venture to improving sales performance, developing airline leadership talent, reinventing product, choosing your fleet, restructuring the network, seeking out ancillary revenues or driving yield performance improvement




Our Team

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Sudeep specialises in airline start-up, corporate strategy and commercial performance improvement. He focuses on start up planning and meeting revenue … More

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