“I have been pleasantly surprised. They are practical, professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone in the industry.”

Daiga Ergle
SVP Human Resources,

Who we are

Advisers you can Trust

Athena Aviation is an airline consulting firm that provides consulting services across the aviation sector to management, Boards, investors and governments.

Our philosophy was developed in response to our own experiences in line management, receiving advice we could not implement, solid analysis but no obvious way to translate this to action and results.

We hope in these pages that you like what you learn about us, what we do and look forward to hearing from you.

Our vision

  • Is delivering practical, no nonsense consulting advice that has a positive impact on client financial performance.

Our mission

  • Is to build a reputation as trusted advisers to the industry.

Our values

  • Integrity – we tell it like it is, because we would rather share what we think than tell you what we think you might want to hear; our reputations are what we trade on, we value them and this means we are always honest
  • Empathy – we understand the challenges you face because we have walked in your shoes; this gives us a unique ability to balance good ideas with the judgement needed to know what will work in practice
  • Respect – we work at all levels, have managed teams and believe every interaction with a client should be courteous and professional
  • Fun – an unusual value but very much our approach to work: we are energised by sharing our knowledge with our clients
  • Focused – we are focused on client satisfaction in the results we deliver, whether these are financial metrics, a change in process or a different mindset

Our Team

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Sudeep specialises in airline start-up, corporate strategy and commercial performance improvement. He focuses on start up planning and meeting revenue … More

The yield management opportunities for major hub-based or network-oriented airlines are the opportunity to maximise revenue.