Alliances & Joint Ventures

So you want to be in an alliance?

The world of alliances has become a great deal more complicated than the days when Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam were first formed in the late 1990s. Working out whether to be in an alliance, choosing between them and readying yourself for entry is proving increasingly challenging and costly.

How we can help

The Athena Aviation team of Associates have worked on codeshares, alliance network assessment but also looked at the less tangible issues involved in implementing alliance relationships. Given the strategic benefits they provide in providing a global offer to an airline client base and the added bonus of sometimes boosting gross revenues by up to 20%, alliances can make a world of difference to an industry that is constantly battered by economic cycles and wafer thin margins. Our practical experience means we can help with:

  • potential partner assessment
  • strategic partnership negotiations
  • project managing the implementation of alliances

We provide a challenge to airlines that want to test their thinking and lend support to others that are short on bandwidth.

For further information, please contact our alliances team.

Our Team

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