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Most of us who fly airlines know that for a commoditised business it is the little things that leave their imprint on us, whether this is a road warrior finding respite in the lounge, a parent who gratefully preboards the aircraft with buggy in tow or a weary traveller who has her misplaced baggage delivered to her hotel.

The customer experience is delivered through our product – both hard tangible product and soft service features – and how customers respond to this, whether flying with us again or telling their friends about their experience is how brands are built and destroyed.

Surprisingly for a business that is shaped by customer interactions with frontline staff, airlines do a remarkably bad job of defining a customer promise and then delivering this to the customer. Too many airline adopt a production mentality of simply flying the customer rather than understanding where the airline makes its money and addressing the relevant customer segments.

Nevertheless many airlines suffer from the following:

  • an incoherent customer proposition
  • failure to manage and monitor the customer experience
  • a silo-ed approach to product, often driven by Operations rather than Commercial
  • the absence of commercially driven negotiations with suppliers

Against this background, Athena Aviation makes a difference by deploying a team of experts that have designed and delivered award winning brands, developed customer experience roadmaps and led 360 degree product transformation programs that have spanned ground, inflight and the web.

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