Sales Performance Improvement

Driving revenue - volume and quality

Over the last two decades traditional airlines have blended bricks and mortar travel agency relationships and GDS distribution solutions with a stronger focus on direct sales, exploring new payment channel options and segmenting their offer to drive repeat purchase behaviour.

In today’s testing financial times most airlines’ knee-jerk response has been to slash costs aggressively. This provides short-term respite but does not address the structural fundamentals of the business, particularly if what the airline is really suffering from is a revenue problem.

In our opinion, there is no substitute for sales performance improvement serving as the engine for revenue growth, both its volume and its quality.  In looking at what holds airlines back from going after revenue successfully we have encountered a number of issues:

  1. A suboptimal organization structure
  2. Selecting the wrong metrics to measure performance
  3. A failure to grasp the potential in adopting ancillary revenue thinking for most valued customers
  4. The absence of a strategy that sets out a realistic vision and a plan the team can be measured against

In response we have adopted an approach which focuses on four Sales dimensions:

  • Planning and Performance
  • Structures
  • Processes
  • Systems

Last year we conducted a Sales Performance audit for a global top 50 airline and identified several initiatives that would drive a 10% improvement in topline revenue over 18 months.

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Ancillary revenue has become increasingly important to full service airlines, and can make the difference between profit and loss.