“Sudeep is a visionary when it comes to creating and communicating a brand that is both appropriate for its target market but also challenging in terms of moving the concept of brand and market approach forward”

Michael Coltman
Chief Operating Officer,
Sama, Saudi Arabia (now Director, Tiger Airways Indonesia)

Our team

Meet the team

The members of the Athena Aviation team average over twenty years of industry experience in senior line roles.

We are a diverse team that has worked in most regions of the world – North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East – a team that derives our job satisfaction from making a differences.

We have worked for low cost carriers as well as full service airlines. We have started new airlines, restructured long standing businesses and, with regret, sometimes closed airlines that have failed.

We bring informed debate to the table as we craft solutions to improve performance, solutions that are effective because we have usually taken similar actions in the senior management roles we have occupied in airlines.

Our Team

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Sudeep specialises in airline start-up, corporate strategy and commercial performance improvement. He focuses on start up planning and meeting revenue … More

We can help fine tune airline route networks to make them more efficient and so more profitable.