“Sudeep is a visionary when it comes to creating and communicating a brand that is both appropriate for its target market but also challenging in terms of moving the concept of brand and market approach forward”

Michael Coltman
Chief Operating Officer,
Sama, Saudi Arabia (now Director, Tiger Airways Indonesia)

Board Advisers

Support based on experience

The Board Advisers presented here are leaders in their field who have worked in the aviation industry over several decades.

They provide investors, Boards and governments with measured counsel and insight.

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Colin Smith

Expert in Airline Strategy & Cost Reduction

Colin Smith has had a variety of roles in the aviation sector in a career spanning more than thirty years. … More

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Michael Williams

Expert in Engineering & Maintenance

Michael is a world-class leader in Engineering & Maintenance best practice. Michael joined British Caledonian Airways in 1979 as a … More

Our Team

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Sudeep specialises in airline start-up, corporate strategy and commercial performance improvement. He focuses on start up planning and meeting revenue … More

The yield management opportunities for major hub-based or network-oriented airlines are the opportunity to maximise revenue.